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AMLSN 2018 Call for Authors/Reviewers

AMLSN eLearning implementing team is calling for applications from subject experts for appointment as authors/reviewers for Year 2018 courses in the following topics:

• Automation and Instrumentation in Medical laboratory practice
• Biosafety - Environmental safety and pollution management as a result of laboratory activities
• Quality Management Systems
• Blood film as a diagnostic tool


Summary of the Day One of the 53rd National Conference, AMLSN

The day started early with a lot of expectations.

The prophetic prayer made by the NOC Chairman - Mr Uche Odionyenma, when he apologised for the observable hitches at the cocktail event last night - that the AMLSN KADA 2017 will be a success despite all the hiccups experienced due to the frozen Conference account; came true.

Indeed , AMLSN KADA 2017 marks a historic benchmark for the AMLSN family.

Distinguished elders were present, Dignitaries roll call was impressive and AMLSN triumphed.

The Osogbo Special General Meeting

AMLSN Special General Meeting held between 21st and 24th September 2017 in Osogbo, Osun State.

The primary aim of the meeting was to adopt the revised constitution of the association which had been partly amended in two previous SGMs, prior to inputs from the association's lawyer.

There was also an update from the Ad-hoc Electoral Committee in the build-up to the upcoming AMLSN National Elections in Kaduna.

PMB Welcome Advertorial

We Welcome Our President back to Nigeria

Africa CDC Recruitment Opportunities

Deputy Director

Grade:  P6

Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Duty Station:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia